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Some people & organizations have solutions in our world that will help fix the many problems humanity has created. The sub pages provided in the solutions section will help educate yourself about important information, projects, organizations, and other groups who are also trying to help solve the problems humanity & earth face today.

The P.H.E. Community Center page provides more information about how our organization can help humanity move forward & provide solutions that will help all of humanity & earth.

P.H.E. also supports only a small group of great organizations, movements, and websites that get down to the nuts and bolts of what is causing the problems we have today around the world and what can be done to fix those problems.

Today we have hundreds of thousands of organizations, movements, and groups of people who are trying to help humanity & earth but very few get down to the root causes & provide the solutions that will fix the problems. The majority of those good organizations also do not work together on a common goal that could truly help all of Humanity & Change Our World!

They raise money or try to get donations to "end the war on cancer" or "end the war on drugs" but those groups of people never cure cancer or find the root causes of cancer or stop the war on drugs. Those groups of people & organizations never solve the drug problems & cancer problems...

They raise millions & billions of dollars and only a small 5% to 15% of the donated money may go towards a so called "cause" but in the end it never solves the issue or problem. Most organizations & nonprofits never look or talk about the root cause of the major problems.

Raise money to End Homelessness, Hunger, Cancer, and Drugs but don't prevent people who will become homeless or help people before they go hungry or provide cancer free water & food or prevent the drug issues before they start...

They raise money to help the environment and save the tree's but do not stop people from using tree's or lumber for buildings & housing...

Most current day organizations & non profits only focus on one cause or subject or problem that will only benefit a small group of people and the organizations agenda. The majority of organizations really never fix the root problem that is causing the issue. If they did solve the problem no more money would be made or raised for the tax write offs or tax breaks the corporation wanted and was going for...

Many organizations & nonprofits are created by rich people or large companies who want to get a tax break or tax write off so they save money which in the end just makes the upper class, the Individual & Companies More Money...

The Project Humanity & Earth Organization was not created for a tax break and has not been founded by a rich person or company. P.H.E. wants to fix many problems humanity & earth is currently going through by educating the major populations through its website and community centers while also providing much needed resources to communities!

P.H.E. does not want to put a band aid over a huge problem like many other nonprofit corporations are doing. When currently the issues and problems need surgery, & stitches... P.H.E. wants the root causes of the problems & issues solved and stopped...

P.H.E. is trying to create community centers that will provide free education, resources & solutions to solve many problems humanity faces today. This Very Important R.B.E. Transition Project Needs You The People To Help Make It Happen!!

In the sub pages listed under the solutions section you will also find a few other groups of people & organizations who are truly providing education and solutions to fix the problems humanity faces today.​ P.H.E. is glad to support these other organizations who truly see & have some of the solutions to help Humanity & Earth have a Great Future of Abundance for ALL Life!​


Under the Solutions Tab more information about the P.H.E. community center, other organizations & websites can be found.

Please Read The P.H.E. Goals Document: Document

"We Must All Work Together on Common Goals that Will Stop the Root Cause of So Many Problems We Face Today."

- Our Future

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