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P.H.E. is all about the Health of Humanity & the Health of Our Earth. It is Important for Our Future To Be Healthy. Enjoy free video's & information about Health! We hope you enjoy the information & every day try to become a Healthier Human Being!

The Fittest 71 Year Old!

Age is just a number when you are Healthy & Fit. Never give up on yourself because of your age. Mr. Jawa is an Amazing Example for Everyone to Never Stop Exercising and Always try to Eat Healthy! Enjoy the Video!

Stay Motivated & Strong!

Over Eating

Over eating is a major issue worldwide for Humanity. Imagine all the food resources saved & more food being available for others when Billions of people eat less every day. Smaller Healthier Meals is the key to better Health. 


Many benefits for you, your family, all of Humanity & the Planet when just doing this small step & choice every day. Your Body, Mind, Humanity & the Planet Will Thank You!

Why Refrigerate Your
Rice, Pasta & Potatoes Before Eating!?


Stop High Blood Sugar, Clogged Arteries,
& Toxic Liver!

Magnesium Guide!


For more health videos click or
tap on the playlist picture below!

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