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Earthship Biotecture

The Founder is Michael Reynolds

Sustainable Green Buildings!
Founder & Owner of Earthship Biotecture!

Who Hates Monthly Bills and Long Work Days?

Imagine a world that all people have No Bills, No Expenses, & who are not modern day slaves to the corrupt worldwide monetary system & debt economy. Just Stop & Think about having No Energy Bill, No Water Bill, No Sewage Bill, and people can grow organic foods all year inside your house, your business and the community while being in any type of climate! 


Think about every house and business building being completely off the energy grid and self sustaining. If every family is completely off the energy grid and sustainable that is when humanity will be moving towards an equal & safe future.

Michael has been creating Earthships for 40 plus years! The Earthship Biotecture mission statement.
40 years of research and development of self-sufficient housing made from recycled materials.
Development of Earth friendly and people friendly community living concepts that require little or no mortgage payment and no utility bills.
To evolve the way humans live on this planet by evolving existing methods of living, home by home.
To make small, believable steps toward slowing down and ultimately reversing the negative impact of human development as it relates to the Earth’s ability to continue to support life.
To present these steps in a way that affords easy understanding and inspires people to act.
To empower people to make positive changes in their own lives to reduce their personal effect on global warming...For more information on Earthships click on the pictures above!
P.H.E. will be using many of the building techniques that the Earthship Biotecture has created to build the community centers! P.H.E. has provided some of the Earthship videos on this page to educate volunteers and the public about Earthships.

All the videos below have not been created by P.H.E. they have been provided for Free by many other people, organizations, and movements around the world!

We at P.H.E. Believe in Providing Positive Information & Positive Change for Humanity!
Enjoy the Earthship Videos Below!


New Solutions


Design Principles


Earthships 101


Earthships 101 pt2




Jamaica Earthship!


Seminar 09 pt1


Seminar 09 pt2


Earthship Phoenix!


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