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P.H.E. Community Center

Here is some information about the One of a Kind P.H.E. Sustainable Community Centers! The pictures & drawings that are provided are concept models of what the first community center may look like. For sure the real life center will look much more advanced and amazing!

 **P.H.E. still Needs Major Funding & Support
So Land Can Be Donated or Purchased
Before The First Community Center Can Be Built By Volunteers!!**
P.H.E. needs your help and support to build the first community center for the organization & headquarters! The ideal size and amount of land that is needed is at least 5 acres! So if you know a land owner that is not using 5 acres of land please let them know about this project which will benefit your community, other communities and the world!
The P.H.E. community center and project is truly a one of a kind humanitarian goal that has never been done before. This project truly is the change in the world that humanity needs! The community centers will provide a peaceful place for We The People! This community center project is a Logical, Feasible, Peaceful, and Low Cost Transition to a Resource Based Economy! The community centers will provide Free Education, Resources, Workshops, Events, and Much, Much, More!
​The community center will be a two or three story building depending on the land size and the land location! The P.H.E. volunteers will use Sustainable Building Concepts, Biotecture Procedures, and Eco Friendly Materials to Build the Center & Centers! The P.H.E. Community Center will be one of the most sustainable Eco-Friendly off the grid building in Human History. 
The community center will provide a headquarters for P.H.E. volunteer teams to have meetings and host events. Once the first amazing community center is built, P.H.E. can start working towards many short term goals, community projects and the long term goals of the organization. The community center will provide many positive projects & support a few other local & global organizations while providing Free Services, Resources & Free Education to the community & the World!
Become a Volunteer and Help Fund this One of a Kind P.H.E. Community Center Project & this Epic Grassroots Organization! Learn more by reading the P.H.E. Goals: Document!
Help Fund P.H.E. by visiting the Donation Page!
"Once the first P.H.E. community center is built,
is when P.H.E. can really start moving forward in helping humanity
go towards a sustainable future for all of Humanity & Earth!"
- Nathan of the family Scott


The One of a Kind P.H.E. Community Center

is a Win Win for Humanity & the Environment!
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