Investing in P.H.E!

The Project Humanity & Earth Organization has many future services and projects for people to invest in when a P.H.E. Community Center is Built & Operating! These services and projects will benefit all of Humanity and the Global Community!

​100% of the invested or donated money or resources is put into the P.H.E. Land Trust & Community Center Fund!

​The P.H.E. Cause: Build Community Centers!!

**Fund raising goal is $800,000 dollars**

*P.H.E. is currently at $1,250*

The $800,000 dollars will go towards purchasing land, if land is not donated and the building materials!!












All the donated money is NOT being spent it goes directly towards the P.H.E. Land Trust and Community Center Fund.​ ​This website, fund raising materials, and other expenses are currently being funded and paid for by the founders personal money supply... P.H.E. is a Not for Profit Worldwide Grassroots Organization!
To Jump Start this One Of A Kind Cause P.H.E. is looking for farmers or land owners who would want to donate 5 acres up to 40 acres of land for a P.H.E. Community Center! Once the first community center is built by volunteers is when P.H.E. can provide many Positive Services, Resources, Free Education, a Resource Based Economy Transition and Important Community Projects!!
The P.H.E. Goals!!
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