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Investing in P.H.E!

The Project Humanity & Earth Organization has many future services and projects for everyone to take part in when the First P.H.E. Community Center is Built & Operating! These services and projects will benefit All of Humanity and the Local/Global Community!


​100% of the donated money or resources is put into the P.H.E. Land Trust & Community Center Fund!

​The P.H.E. Cause: Build Amazing Community Centers!!

**Fund raising goal is $800,000 dollars**

The $800,000 dollars will go towards purchasing land and the building materials!!

All donated money is NOT being spent, it goes directly towards the P.H.E. Land Trust and Community Center Fund.​ ​This website, fund raising materials, and other expenses are currently being funded and paid for by the founders personal money supply... P.H.E. is a Not for Profit Worldwide Grassroots Organization!

To Jump Start this One Of A Kind Cause, P.H.E. is looking for farmers or land owners who would want to donate 5 acres up to 40 acres of land for a P.H.E. Community Center! Once the first community center is built by volunteers is when P.H.E. can provide many Positive Services, Resources, Free Education, a Resource Based Economy Transition and Provide Important Community Projects!!​
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