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Welcome to the P.H.E. Shop!!

A place people can buy items to help fund Project Humanity & Earth!

Every product or item on this page when purchased, a certain dollar amount

will be donated towards the P.H.E. land fund for a community center!


The items or products come from P.H.E. volunteers

who have donated resources to help fund the projects & goals of P.H.E.

The shopping cart & checkout goes to a secure paypal page.


Enjoy the great products from the shop!

Happy Shopping & Donating!

Thanks for donating & supporting P.H.E!

P.H.E. Handout Cards!!

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$2.75 a Bundle

Very nice glossy premium P.H.E. Handout Cards that have a QR code for scanning that takes people directly to the website!!


The cards are nice & thick great for keeping in your wallet or for handing out to people who can help this great organization! A bundle of 5 cards can be purchased for $2.75!


That is the total cost for printing, transaction fees, handling, and shipping.


$1 out of the $2.75 will be Donated to the P.H.E. Community Center Fund...

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