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**Handmade & Fair Trade Made**
This is a great black Hemp bag has lots of padding to protect your laptop, very strong buckles and zippers, lots of outside/inside pockets, water resistant interior lining and an adjustable, padded shoulder strap.

Size Dimensions: The interior of the bag is approximately 15.5 inches from left to right, approximately 4 to 4.5 inches deep and approximately 13.5 inches high.

Special Features: The interior of the bag has a padded divider envelope that holds your laptop securely in place. This divider provides an added layer of protection and creates two sections on either side for folders, books and additional items.

$5 will be donated to the P.H.E. Land Fund for building a community center!

Handmade Hemp Laptop Bag

$85.00 Regular Price
$67.00Sale Price
  • The Strength and Durability Hemp: The exterior and straps of this laptop bag are made with Nepal Hemp. Hemp in general is eight times stronger than cotton, but hemp from Nepal tends to be even stronger for two reasons. The hemp plant grows wild in the lower Himalayan Mountain region. Wild hemp will have a longer blast fiber structure than hemp that is cultivated on a farm.

    Additionally, the hemp is softened in water. As a result the hemp is a somewhat rougher texture, but much stronger and more durable than hemp that is softened using chemicals and chlorine. The hemp twine is then woven into a fabric by hand on a pit loom. This careful, hand process does not wear on the fabric the way commercial looms will.
    Hemp: Strong, Durable and Eco-friendly!
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